International Relations

It’s Sunday and I have a day off.  I sit by the canal with a tall beer.  It’s sunset and the sun is just dropping behind the buildings.  The seagulls are a bit anxious but occasionally come to sit in front of me on the tall wooden canal boat posts.  A large boat is docked and the vaporettos pass with people returning home.  The water is textured.  One of the central problems with Venice is how one should document a place that is so stunningly picturesque.  I sit there and think about this for a moment and take a sip of beer.  It tastes better than I expected.  It warms me somehow and I decide to simply embrace the sunset.  Another impossibility, take an iphone picture of the moon?  Impossible. I embrace that.  Light on the water. I embrace that.  A young man sits next to me on the bench silently, ignoring me, and I think, how Italian and wonderful.  In America we like to talk, but in Europe you can sit in silence.  Of course this is an oversimplification but it passes through my head.  I sip beer and take pictures of the birds, moon, boats, water.  I call this moment, MAN AND NATURE, and I take a big sip of beer.  It’s German.  The light is slowly fading, the blue of the sky morphs. The birds follow the vaporettos.  I congratulate myself on picking one contemplative sunset to enjoy on my day off.  Most days my head is racing and now although the yoga books don’t make reference to beer, I’m sure I am doing the right thing.  The young man is smoking next to me and reading.  I’m mesmerized by the water when suddenly from a couple benches away a boom box and Diana Ross salute the evening:


Up side down….

boy you turn me,

Inside out, and…

round, and round….


I smile.  This is what I call international relations.

Culture.  Nature.  I love this song.  I sit till it’s almost dark.


I said Upside down you’re turning me

You’re giving love, instinctively

Round and round your turning me

I say to thee respectfully…